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Describe Models Using Notes

You can describe your model with notes to help others to understand it. You can add notes to any system in the model hierarchy by entering text, showing website content, or inheriting note content from the parent system. For each system, you can also choose not to show any notes.

In the Simulink® Toolstrip, on the Modeling tab, click the arrow on the far right of the Design section. In the design gallery, under Review, click Model Notes. The Notes pane opens. As you navigate the hierarchy, notes for each system appear. If the model does not have notes, the pane includes instructions to get started.

To add notes:

  1. In the Notes pane, click Create a notes file . Alternatively, click Use an existing notes file .

    Notes are stored in a file with the extension .mldatx. If you want your model to have notes, first create the notes file. After you create the file, the notes you add are saved automatically.

    The .mldatx file is saved separate from the model. If you move your model to a different folder, the .mldatx file does not also move, but the association remains if the file is on the MATLAB® path.

  2. Enter a name for the notes file, or use the default name, and click Save. Alternatively, select an existing notes file, and click Open.

    You can have multiple notes files associated with the same model, for example, for users with different roles. The person using the model can then select among notes files. Notes files contain the model name and version information to ensure the notes file and model match.

  3. The Notes pane is in editing mode. You can add notes in these ways:

    • Enter text in the text editor.

    • From the menu, select Use URL for Notes and enter a URL whose content you want to use as notes for the current system.

    • Navigate to a different system in the model and use the menu to select whether to enter text, use a URL, or show parent notes.

    • Select No Notes.

    Notes pane, with the drop-down menu expanded to show the No Notes option

  4. When you finish adding and editing notes, click the Read Notes button to toggle the notes to reading mode.

Use the Read Notes or Edit Notes button to switch between the reading and editing modes. When you click Edit Notes, the editing features are enabled. When you click Read Notes, the editing features are not available, and the notes display in read-only format. As you navigate the model, the Notes pane updates with the content for the current system.