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Factory Reset of Parrot Mambo Minidrone


A factory reset of Parrot® Mambo minidrone clears all the data that was deployed on the minidrone. The factory reset may be required if you encounter the following problems:

  • The connection to Parrot Mambo minidrone over Bluetooth® is failing, even though the connection was successful earlier.

  • Parrot Mambo minidrone is powering off immediately after a reboot.

  • You observe unsatisfactory performance of the code running on the Parrot Mambo minidrone.


To perform a factory reset of Parrot Mambo minidrone, perform these steps:

  1. Switch On the Parrot minidrone, and wait for the LEDs to turn green.

  2. Press the Power button again and keep it pressed for about 30 seconds. During this period:

    1. The two LEDs turn red alternatively and start blinking.

    2. The frequency of blinking increases indicating the last stage of the reset process.

    3. Keep the Power button pressed until the LEDs turn green.

  3. Clear the memory of the minidrone (see Troubleshooting by Clearing Parrot Minidrone Memory).

After performing the factory reset of Parrot Mambo minidrone, connect the minidrone to the host computer over Bluetooth (see Setup and Configuration).

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