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Select System Object Template

System objects are used to define the behavior of device driver blocks. Follow these steps to create a customized System object™ by modifying the System object template.

  1. In the MATLAB® editor, open the template system object class file, Source.m.

  2. Save a copy of the class file and rename it as colorSensor.m.

  3. Open the colorSensor.m file and change the class name to colorSensor.

    classdef colorSensor < realtime.internal.SourceSampleTime ...
            & coder.ExternalDependency ...
            & matlab.system.mixin.Propagates ...
            & matlab.system.mixin.CustomIcon
  4. Change the name of the constructor method to colorSensor.

            % Constructor
            function obj = colorSensor(varargin)
                % Support name-value pair arguments when constructing the object.


    A MATLAB class requires the class name, constructor, and file to be identical.

  5. Save the changes to colorSensor.m.

In the next section, you will Specify Initialization, Output, and Termination Behavior.