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Get information about library blocks referenced by model


libdata = libinfo('system')
libdata = libinfo('system', constraint1, value1, ...)


libdata = libinfo('system') returns information about library blocks referenced by system and all the systems underneath it.

libdata = libinfo('system', constraint1, value1, ...) restricts the search as indicated by the search constraint(s) c1, v1, ...

Input Arguments


The system to search recursively for library blocks.

constraint1, value1, ...

One or more pairs, each consisting of a search constraint followed by a constraint value. You can specify any of the search constraints that you can use with find_system.

Output Arguments


An array of structures that describes each library block referenced by system. Each structure has the following fields:

BlockPath of the link to the library block
LibraryName of the library containing the referenced block
ReferenceBlockPath of the library block
LinkStatusValue of the LinkStatus parameter for the link to the library block

Introduced before R2006a