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na_0008: Display of labels on signals

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na_0008: Display of labels on signals





MATLAB Versions





  • A label must be displayed on a signal originating from the following blocks:

    • Inport block

    • From block (block icon exception applies – see the following Note

    • Subsystem block or Stateflow® chart block (block icon exception applies)

    • Bus Selector block (the tool forces this to happen)

    • Demux block

    • Selector block

    • Data Store Read block (block icon exception applies)

    • Constant block (block icon exception applies)

  • A label must be displayed on any signal connected to the following destination blocks (directly or by way of a basic block that performs a nontransformative operation):

    • Outport block

    • Goto block

    • Data Store Write block

    • Bus Creator block

    • Mux block

    • Subsystem block

    • Chart block


    Block icon exception (applicable only where called out): If the signal label is visible in the originating block icon display, the connected signal does not need to have the label displayed, unless the signal label is needed elsewhere due to a destination-based rule.




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  • Verification and Validation

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  • Verification and Validation

  • Code Generation

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Model Advisor Check

By Task > Modeling Standards for MAAB > Simulink > Check signal line labels

For check details, see Check signal line labels.

Introduced in R2010a