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1-D/3-D Interface Statistics

The 1-D/3-D Interface Statistics represent the statistics related to the interface between all 1-D physical and 3-D multibody systems present in the model. It appears only for models that connect blocks from the Simscape™ Multibody™ library to blocks from Simscape, Simscape Driveline™, Simscape Fluids™, and Simscape Electrical™ libraries, except the Specialized Power Systems blocks.

You can find information about the source and destination blocks as well as filter information. From the main window, you can view the source and destination blocks of each 1-D/3-D connection. Some connections use filtering to smooth the signals and generally improve solver performance. This table provides information on which connections use filters and the filter characteristics.

1-D/3-D Interface window in Statistics Viewer tool.

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