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Get Started with Simscape Language

Basic techniques and best practices for extending Simscape™ block libraries

The Simscape language lets you define custom components as textual files, complete with parameterization, physical connections, and underlying equations. The components you create can reuse the physical domain definitions provided with Simscape to ensure that your components are compatible with the standard Simscape components. You can also add your own physical domains and provide complete component libraries for these domains. For a list of typical workflows and tasks, along with links to background information and examples, see Typical Simscape Language Tasks.

To help you get started, the sscnewfile function lets you create a new Simscape file based on a library of predefined templates for components, domains, and functions, or based on an existing Simscape file.


sscnewfileCreate new Simscape file populated by required and commonly used keywords (Since R2019b)