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Simscape Battery Onramp

Free, self-paced, interactive Simscape Battery course

Since R2024a


Simscape Battery Onramp is a free, self-paced, interactive course that helps you get started with Simscape™ Battery™ software.

Simscape Battery Onramp teaches you to:

  • Build a battery pack and model its heat exchange with the environment.

  • Estimate the state-of-charge (SOC) level of the battery pack to design a charging method that keeps the SOC within safe limits.

  • Model algorithms for safely charging and discharging batteries under different temperature conditions.

Simscape Battery Onramp uses tasks to teach concepts incrementally. You receive automated assessments and feedback after submitting tasks. Your progress is saved when you exit the course, so you can complete the course in multiple sessions.

Simscape Battery Onramp describes the task, displays an interactive model, and assesses whether the model matches the requirements set by the training.

Open the Simscape Battery Onramp

  • Simulink® Start Page: On the Learn tab, click the Launch button that appears when you pause on Simscape Battery Onramp.

  • MATLAB® Command Window: Enter learning.simulink.launchOnramp("orsb").


If you do not have a Simscape Battery license, you can take the course at Self-Paced Online Courses.

Version History

Introduced in R2024a