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Noise Modeling

Noise sources, phase noise, thermal noise, noise figure specification

Use noise sources to simulate white or colored noise in RF models and calculate the noise power. To calculate thermal noise, use S-Parameters block.


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AmplifierModel amplifier in RF systems
ResistorModel resistor for circuit envelope analysis
MixerModel mixer in RF systems
IMT MixerModel mixer using intermodulation table (IMT)
S-ParametersModel S-parameter network
Noise Figure TestbenchMeasures noise figure of system
NoiseModel noise using current or voltage noise source in RF systems
Continuous WaveModel constant envelope source
ConfigurationDefine system simulation settings


Model System Noise Figure

RF receivers amplify signals and shift them to lower frequencies.

Design Receiver with ADC

Design RF Receiver using ADC.

Noise in RF Systems

Noise factor, noise figure, noise floor, thermal noise power, noise temperature, white noise, colored noise.

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