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Resource Allocation Modeling

Combine entities, model using resources, group entities, create composite and batched entities

Resources are commodities shared by the entities in your model. Entities in an event-based system can acquire and release resources. You determine what resources represent in your model. Resources can represent supplies, machines, or any supplementary material that entities acquire to complete a task.


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Composite Entity CreatorCreate composite entities
Composite Entity SplitterSplit composite entities
Entity Batch CreatorCreate batch of entities
Entity Batch SplitterSplit batch entities
Resource AcquirerAcquire entity resources
Resource PoolPool entity resources
Resource ReleaserRelease entity resources
Entity FindFind entities


Group Entities Using Batching

This example shows how to create, process, and split batched entities using Entity Batch Creator and Entity Batch Splitter blocks.

Model Using Resources

Use resource blocks to share commodities in your model.

Set Resource Amount with Attributes

Use the Selected Resources table of the Resource Acquirer block to receive the resource amount definition from the block dialog box or an entity attribute.

Optimize SimEvents Models by Running Multiple Simulations

Use Simulink.SimulationInput object to create simulation sets to test the results and to perform model optimization.

Model Resource Allocation Using Composite Entity Creator block

Combine entities from different paths.

Find and Extract Entities in SimEvents Models

Common workflows involving Entity Find block to find and extract entities.

Resource Scheduling Using MATLAB Discrete-Event System and Data Store Memory Blocks

This example shows how to model resource scheduling using data exchange between the MATLAB Discrete-Event System block and the Data Store Memory block.

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