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Dose amount units


AmountUnits is a property of a RepeatDose or ScheduleDose object. This property defines units for the Amount property.

If the TargetName property defines a species, then AmountUnits for a dose must be a chemical amount (for example, milligram, mole, or molecule), not a concentration. To get a list of the defined units in the library, use the sbioshowunits function. To add a user-defined unit to the list, see sbioaddtolibrary.


Applies toObjects: RepeatDose, ScheduleDose
Data typeCharacter vector
Data valuesUnits from library with dimensions of amount. Default = '' (empty)


SimBiology® uses units including empty units in association with DimensionalAnalysis and UnitConversion features.

  • When DimensionalAnalysis and UnitConversion are both false, units are not used. However, SimBiology still performs a minimum level of dimensional analysis to decide whether a reaction rate is in dimensions of amount/time or concentration/time.

  • When DimensionalAnalysis is true and UnitConversion is false, units (if not empty) must have consistent dimensions so that SimBiology can perform dimensional analysis. However, the units are not converted.

  • When UnitConversion is set to true (which requires DimensionalAnalysis to be true), SimBiology performs a dimensional analysis and converts everything to consistent units. Hence, you must specify consistent units, and no units can be empty. If you have a dimensionless parameter, you must still set its unit to dimensionless.