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Return data from SimBiology dose object as table


tbl = getTable(doseObj)


tbl = getTable(doseObj) returns dosing data from the dose object doseObj as a table tbl.

Input Arguments

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Dose object, specified as a ScheduleDose object or RepeatDose object or array of these objects.

Output Arguments

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Dosing data, returned as a table or cell array of tables. If doseObj is an array of dose objects, then tbl is a cell array of tables with the same size as doseObj.

If doseObj is a RepeatDose object and any of the StartTime, Amount, Rate, Interval, and RepeatCount properties are parameterized, the table shows the name of the parameter in the corresponding column instead.


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Create a RepeatDose object with some dosing information.

rdose = sbiodose('rd','repeat');
rdose.TargetName = 'x';
rdose.StartTime = 5;
rdose.TimeUnits = 'second';
rdose.Amount = 300;
rdose.AmountUnits = 'molecule';
rdose.Rate = 1;
rdose.RateUnits = 'molecule/second';
rdose.Interval = 100;
rdose.RepeatCount = 2;

Get a table of such dosing information.

tbl = getTable(rdose)
tbl = 

    StartTime    Amount    Rate    Interval    RepeatCount
    _________    ______    ____    ________    ___________

    5            300       1       100         2         

Note that the units are also copied over and assigned to tbl.Properties.VariableUnits property.

ans = 

             Description: ''
    VariableDescriptions: {}
           VariableUnits: {'second'  'molecule'  'molecule/second'  'second'  ''}
          DimensionNames: {'Row'  'Variable'}
                UserData: []
                RowNames: {}
           VariableNames: {'StartTime'  'Amount'  'Rate'  'Interval'  'RepeatCount'}

Create a ScheduleDose object with some dosing information.

sdose = sbiodose('sdose','schedule');
sdose.Amount = [100 200 300];
sdose.Time = [5 10 15];

Get a table of such dosing information.

tbl = getTable(sdose)
tbl = 

    Time    Amount
    ____    ______

     5      100   
    10      200   
    15      300   

Version History

Introduced in R2014a