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Extend Modeling Environment

Define custom model components

Define custom kinetic laws, units, and unit prefixes, and add them to a custom library.


sbioaddtolibraryAdd to user-defined library
sbioremovefromlibrary Remove kinetic law, unit, or unit prefix from library
sbiocopylibraryCopy library to disk
sbiorootReturn SimBiology root object
sbioresetDelete all model objects
sbioabstractkineticlawCreate kinetic law definition
sbiounitCreate user-defined unit
sbiounitprefixCreate user-defined unit prefix
sbioshowunitsShow units in library
sbioshowunitprefixesShow unit prefixes in library
sbioconvertunitsConvert unit and unit value to new unit
sbiounitcalculatorConvert value between units


RootHold models, unit libraries, and abstract kinetic law libraries
AbstractKineticLawKinetic law information in library
UnitHold information about user-defined unit
UnitPrefixHold information about user-defined unit prefix