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USB 4.0 V2 Compliance Kit

Characterize and validate the performance of a USB 4.0 V2 channel design.

This kit is designed for analysis of a channel design between the USB 4.0 V2 host and device (using PAM3 Modulation). One schematic set focuses on host compliance and one schematic set focuses on device compliance. Both single channel schematics and multi-channel schematics are provided for host and device compliance.

This kit enables you to insert a channel design and characterize and validate its performance using the specification masks to determine if the channel has a high confidence of success. If the channel does not meet the compliance masks or BER estimates, further investigation or redesign, along with simulation, will need to be performed to determine possible changes to meet compliance.

Open USB 4.0 V2 Kit

Open the USB 4.0 V2 kit in the Serial Link Designer app using the openSignalIntegrityKit function.

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Kit Overview

  • Project Name: USB_4p0_V2

  • Interface Name: usb_4p0_v2

  • Operating Thruput: 40 GT/s with PAM3 Modulation

For more information about the USB 4.0 V2 channel compliance schematics, transfer net properties, and compliance rules, refer to the document USB_4p0_V2.pdf that is attached to this example as a supporting file.


[1] Universal Serial Bus 4.0 V2 Specification (October 2022) available at link:

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