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CAUI/XLAUI Chip-To-Module Compliance Kit

Test the compliance of simulation models and topologies to the CAUI/XLAUI chip-to-module (C2M) specification.

802.3ba Annex 83B specification defines physical layer compliance for a CAUI (100 Gb/s) or XLAUI (40 Gb/s) C2M interface. Host and module board compliance are both detailed including the channel, transmitter and receiver electrical requirements.

This kit is designed for compliance of both host and boards. The kit includes IBIS-AMI TX and RX models for reference and compliance testing. You can insert a channel design and test for compliance as specified in the CAUI/XLAUI specification.


Open the CAUI/XLAUI C2M kit in the Serial Link Designer app using the openSignalIntegrityKit function.



Kit Overview

  • Project Name: CAUI_XLAUI_C2M_83B

  • Interface Name: CAUI_XLAUI_C2M_83B

  • Target Operating Frequency: 10.3125 Gb/s (UI = 96.97 ps)

The CAUI/XLAUI C2M kit defines four schematic sets.

  • Module_Board — Used for module compliance testing

  • Host_Board — Used for host compliance testing

  • HCB_MCB_Characterization — Used for analyzing HCB and MCB compliance

  • All_Project_Schematics — Set of all project schematics

For more information about the CAUI/XLAUI C2M channel compliance schematics, transfer net properties, and compliance rules, refer to the document CAUI_XLAUI_C2M.pdf that is attached to this example as a supporting file.


[1] IEEE 802.3ba-2010 Annex 83B. 802.3ba-2010.pdf.

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