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Get default storage class or storage class property setting for model data category



    propertyValue = getDataDefault(myCodeMappingObj,category,property) returns the value from the code mappings of the specified property for the specified data category.

    Default data configurations cannot be specified for models linked to a service interface configuration.


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    From the model code mappings for model myConfigModel, get the default storage class setting for root-level inports.

    cm = coder.mapping.api.get('myConfigModel');
    defaultStorageClass = getDataDefault(cm,'Inports','StorageClass');

    Input Arguments

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    Code mapping object (model code mappings) returned by a call to function coder.mapping.api.get.

    Example: myCM

    Category of model data elements that you return a property value for.

    Example: 'Inports'

    Code mapping property that you return a value for. Specify one of these property names.

    Information to ReturnProperty Name
    Name of storage classStorageClass
    Name of variable for data element in the generated codeIdentifier

    Example: 'Identifier'

    Output Arguments

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    The property value is one of these values depending on the category and property that you specify.

    PropertyValue Returned
    StorageClassOne of these values: Auto, , Dictionary default, ExportedGlobal, , ImportedExtern, ImportedExternPointer,

    Data Types: char | string

    Version History

    Introduced in R2020b