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Search Web Views

Perform Search

  1. In a Web View, at the top of the displayed tab, click the search button .

  2. In the search box, enter the search term.

    Search strings are case-insensitive. The search treats the string as a partial string.

  3. To specify search criteria, click the search criteria button and select the types of model element you want to search in.

  4. Press Enter.

The elements of the model that the search returns appear highlighted. The search results include the name and parent for each returned element.

Sort Search Results

You can sort the search results in alphabetical order. In the search results table, click the Name or Parent column.

Navigate Between Search Results and Model Elements

To see the corresponding search result for a highlighted model element, click the element.

To highlight the model element for a search result, click the search result.

The Object Inspector pane to the right of the model updates to reflect the selected model element or search result.