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Dynamic Reporting Components

Include report components for conditional component execution

Logical and looping components execute conditionally, determining when a child component executes or how many times a child component executes. A looping component runs its child components a specified number of times. For details, see Loop Context Functions.

Report Components

For LoopIteratively execute child components
While LoopIteratively execute child components while a specified condition is true
Logical IfSpecify logical if condition
Logical ThenSpecify a then condition for a Logical If component
Logical ElseSpecify an else condition for a Logical If component
Logical ElseifSpecify an elseif condition for a Logical If component
Block LoopRun child components for each block in the current system, model, or signal
System FilterRun child components if current system meets specified conditions
Chart LoopRun child components for specified Stateflow charts
Graphics Object LoopRun child components for each Handle Graphics object open in MATLAB workspace
Figure LoopApply child components to specified graphics figures
Axes LoopRun child components for all axes objects in MATLAB workspace


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Loop Context Functions

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