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Create RF Blockset model from RF budget object



exportRFBlockset(rfobj) creates an RF Blockset™ from the RF budget object, and opens the system.

sys = exportRFBlockset(rfobj) creates an RF Blockset model, and returns the system name.


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Create an amplifier with a gain of 4 dB.

a = amplifier(Gain=4);

Create a modulator with an OIP3 of 13 dBm.

m = modulator(OIP3=13);

Create an RF element with a gain of 10 dB.

r = rfelement(Gain=10);

Calculate the RF budget of a series of RF elements at an input frequency of 2.1 GHz, an available input power of –30 dBm, and a bandwidth of 10 MHz.

rfobj = rfbudget([a m r],2.1e9,-30,10e6)
rfobj = 
  rfbudget with properties:

               Elements: [1x3 rf.internal.rfbudget.RFElement]
         InputFrequency: 2.1 GHz
    AvailableInputPower: -30 dBm
        SignalBandwidth:  10 MHz
                 Solver: Friis      
             AutoUpdate: true

   Analysis Results
        OutputFrequency: (GHz) [  2.1    3.1    3.1]
            OutputPower: (dBm) [  -26    -26    -16]
         TransducerGain: (dB)  [    4      4     14]
                     NF: (dB)  [    0      0      0]
                   IIP2: (dBm) []                   
                   OIP2: (dBm) []                   
                   IIP3: (dBm) [  Inf      9      9]
                   OIP3: (dBm) [  Inf     13     23]
                    SNR: (dB)  [73.98  73.98  73.98]

Create RF Blockset™ model from the RF budget object.



Select Run from the Simulate section to run your RF Blockset model.


Input Arguments

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RF budget object, specified as a rfbudget object.

Version History

Introduced in R2017a