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Detection, Range, Angle, and Doppler Estimation

Received signal parameters, direction-of arrival, range, angle, and Doppler response

Obtain the properties of received signals such as matched filter response, stretch processor response, direction of arrival, CFAR, range, angle, and Doppler response.


blindrangemapCreate blind range map for pulsed radar (Since R2023a)
blindvelocitymapCreate blind velocity map for pulsed radar (Since R2023a)
blindzonemapCreate blind zone map for pulsed radar (Since R2023a)
crtChinese remainder theorem (Since R2021a)
coincidenceCoincidence algorithm (Since R2021a)
iscoprimeCheck coprime relation (Since R2021a)
pulseCompressionLibraryCreate a library of pulse compression specifications (Since R2021a)
phased.BeamscanEstimator2D2-D beamscan spatial spectrum estimator
phased.CFARDetectorConstant false alarm rate (CFAR) detector
phased.CFARDetector2DTwo-dimensional CFAR detector
phased.DopplerEstimatorDoppler estimation
phased.MatchedFilterMatched filter
phased.MVDREstimator2D2-D MVDR (Capon) spatial spectrum estimator
phased.MUSICEstimator2DEstimate 2D direction of arrival using narrowband MUSIC algorithm
phased.MonopulseEstimatorAmplitude monopulse direction finding
RangeAngleResponseRange-angle response
phased.RangeDopplerResponseRange-Doppler response
phased.RangeResponseRange response
phased.RangeEstimatorRange estimation
phased.StretchProcessorStretch processor for linear FM waveform
phased.TimeVaryingGainTime varying gain control


Pulse Compression LibraryLibrary of pulse compression specifications (Since R2021a)
CFAR DetectorConstant false alarm rate (CFAR) detector
2-D CFAR DetectorTwo-dimensional constant false alarm rate (CFAR) detector
Stretch ProcessorStretch processor for linear FM waveforms
Time Varying GainTime varying gain (TVG) control
Pulse IntegratorCoherent or noncoherent pulse integration
Dechirp MixerDechirping operation on input signal
Matched FilterMatched filter
Doppler EstimatorDoppler estimation
Range-Angle ResponseObtain range-angle response map for array
Range Doppler ResponseRange-Doppler response
Range EstimatorRange estimation
Range ResponseRange response
Beamscan SpectrumBeamscan spatial spectrum estimator
Monopulse EstimatorEstimate target direction from sum and difference channels
MVDR SpectrumMinimum variation distortionless response (MVDR) spatial spectrum estimator
MUSIC SpectrumMUSIC 2D spatial spectrum estimator