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(Not recommended) Examine or set default cluster profile

parallel.defaultClusterProfile is not recommended. Use parallel.defaultProfile instead. For information on updating your code, see Version History.


p = parallel.defaultClusterProfile
oldprofile = parallel.defaultClusterProfile(newprofile)


p = parallel.defaultClusterProfile returns the name of the default cluster profile.

oldprofile = parallel.defaultClusterProfile(newprofile) sets the default profile to be newprofile and returns the previous default profile. It might be useful to keep the old profile so that you can reset the default later.

If the default profile has been deleted, or if it has never been set, parallel.defaultClusterProfile returns 'Processes' as the default profile.

You can save modified profiles with the saveProfile or saveAsProfile method on a cluster object. You can create, delete, import, and modify profiles with the Cluster Profile Manager, accessible from the MATLAB desktop Home tab Environment area by selecting Parallel > Create and Manage Clusters.


Display the names of all available profiles and set the first in the list to be the default.

allProfiles = parallel.clusterProfiles

Version History

Introduced in R2012a

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R2022b: parallel.defaultClusterProfile is not recommended

Starting in R2022b, the parallel.defaultClusterProfile function is renamed to parallel.defaultProfile. The behavior remains the same. Replace all instances of parallel.defaultClusterProfile in your code with parallel.defaultProfile. Support for parallel.defaultClusterProfile will not be removed.