Specify the MATLAB Runtime for a Server Instance

You must specify the installed location of the MATLAB® Runtime for your server instance for an on-premise installation of MATLAB Production Server™. For a server environment deployed in the cloud, the deployment specifies the MATLAB Runtime locations for you.

  1. If the server instance is running, stop it.

  2. Open the configuration file for the instance in a text editor.

    The configuration file is located at instanceRoot/config/main_config.

  3. Locate the entry for the mcr-root property.

    --mcr-root mCRuNsETtOKEN
  4. Modify the mcr_root property to point to the installed MATLAB Runtime you want to work with.

    For example:

    --mcr-root C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Runtime\vnnn


    You must specify the version number of the MATLAB Runtime (vnnn). MATLAB Runtime versions you specify must be compatible with MATLAB Production Server.

  5. Restart the server instance.

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