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Interactive medical image labeling for semantic segmentation workflows

Use the Medical Image Labeler app to interactively label ground truth data in 2-D and 3-D medical images. You can define pixel label definitions to label image pixels for segmentation using manual and semi-automated labeling tools. To automate the labeling process, you can use a built-in automation algorithm or specify a custom algorithm. To get started, see Get Started with Medical Image Labeler.


Medical Image LabelerInteractively explore, label, and publish animations of 2-D or 3-D medical image data


ImageSourceSource of 2-D medical image data for groundTruthMedical object
VolumeSourceSource of 3-D medical image data for groundTruthMedical object
groundTruthMedicalGround truth label data for medical images
changeFilePathsChange file paths in ground truth data for medical images
mergeMerge two or more groundTruthMedical objects