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fclose (serial)

(To be removed) Disconnect serial port object from device

This serial object function will be removed in a future release. Use serialport object functions instead. See Compatibility Considerations.




fclose(obj) disconnects obj from the device, where obj is a serial port object or an array of serial port objects.


This example creates the serial port object s on a Windows® platform, connects s to the device, writes and reads text data, and then disconnects s from the device using fclose.

s = serial('COM1');
fprintf(s, '*IDN?')
idn = fscanf(s);

At this point, the device is available to be connected to a serial port object. If you no longer need s, you should remove from memory with the delete function, and remove it from the workspace with the clear command.


If obj was successfully disconnected, then the Status property is configured to closed and the RecordStatus property is configured to off. You can reconnect obj to the device using the fopen function.

An error is returned if you issue fclose while data is being written asynchronously. In this case, you should abort the write operation with the stopasync function, or wait for the write operation to complete.

Compatibility Considerations

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Not recommended starting in R2019b

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Introduced before R2006a