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matlab.unittest.plugins.plugindata.FinalizedSuitePluginData Class

Namespace: matlab.unittest.plugins.plugindata
Superclasses: matlab.unittest.plugins.plugindata.PluginData

Plugin data containing finalized TestSuite information

Since R2019b


The FinalizedSuitePluginData class defines the data passed by the TestRunner to plugin methods related to finalized test suite portions. The TestRunner instantiates this class, so you are not required to create an object of the class directly.

The matlab.unittest.plugins.plugindata.FinalizedSuitePluginData class is a handle class.


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Number of groups into which the entire test suite is divided, specified as a positive integer scalar. NumGroups is equal to 1 when tests run in serial mode.

Identifier of the finalized test suite portion, specified as a positive integer scalar between 1 and NumGroups.

Specification of the finalized Test elements in the current group, specified as a matlab.unittest.TestSuite array.

Results from the finalized test suite portion, specified as a matlab.unittest.TestResult array.

Locations of the finalized Test elements relative to the entire test suite passed to the TestRunner within the test session, specified as a numeric array. SuiteIndices specifies the locations of the finalized results in the entire array of test results. SuiteIndices can be unsorted and can contain noncontiguous indices.

Buffer for storing and retrieving data related to the finalized test suite portion, specified as an instance of the matlab.unittest.plugins.plugindata.CommunicationBuffer class. Use CommunicationBuffer with the storeIn and retrieveFrom methods of the matlab.unittest.plugins.Parallelizable interface.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b