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Class: matlab.mixin.Copyable
Namespace: matlab.mixin

Copy array of handle objects


B = copy(A)


B = copy(A) copies each element in the array of handles A to a new array of handles B.

The copy method follows these rules:

  • The copy method does not copy dependent properties.

  • MATLAB® does not call the copy method recursively on any handles contained in property values.

  • MATLAB does not call the class constructor or property set methods during the copy operation.

  • B has the same size and number of elements as A.

  • B is the same class as A.

  • If A is empty, B is also empty.

  • If A is heterogeneous, B is also heterogeneous.

  • If A contains deleted handle objects, copy creates deleted handles of the same class in B.

  • Dynamic properties and listeners associated with objects in A are not copied to objects in B.

Input Arguments

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Handle object array to be copied.



To learn about attributes of methods, see Method Attributes.


For an example of the use of copy, see Implement Copy for Handle Classes.

Version History

Introduced in R2011a