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Gateway to HDF external data (HX) interface


[out1,...,outN] = hdfhx(funcstr,input1,...,inputN)


hdfhx is the MATLAB® gateway to the HDF interface for manipulating linked and external data elements.

[out1,...,outN] = hdfhx(funcstr,input1,...,inputN) returns one or more outputs corresponding to the HX function in the HDF library specified by functstr.

There is a one-to-one correspondence between HX functions in the HDF library and valid values for funcstr. For example, hdfhx('setdir',pathname); corresponds to the C library call HXsetdir(pathname).


Value of funcstrFunction SyntaxDescription
'create'access_id = hdfhx('create',file_id,tag,ref,extern_name,offset,length)

Creates a new external file special data element.

'setcreatedir'status = hdfhx('setcreatedir',pathname);

Sets the directory location for writing external file.

'setdir'status = hdfhx('setdir',pathname);

Sets the directory for locating external files. pathname can contain multiple directories separated by vertical bars.

Input/Output Arguments

A status or identifier output of -1 indicates that the operation failed.

In cases where the HDF C library accepts NULL for certain inputs, an empty matrix ([] or '') can be used.