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Plot velocity vectors


h = feather(...)


A feather plot displays vectors emanating from equally spaced points along a horizontal axis. You express the vector components relative to the origin of the respective vector.

feather(U,V) displays the vectors specified by U and V, where U contains the x components as relative coordinates, and V contains the y components as relative coordinates.

feather(Z) displays the vectors specified by the complex numbers in Z. This is equivalent to feather(real(Z),imag(Z)).

feather(...,LineSpec) draws a feather plot using the line type, marker symbol, and color specified by LineSpec.

feather(axes_handle,...) plots into the axes with the handle axes_handle instead of into the current axes (gca).

h = feather(...) returns the handles to line objects in h.


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Define theta as values between -2π and 2π. Define r as a vector the same size as theta.

theta = -pi/2:pi/16:pi/2;
r = 2*ones(size(theta));

Create a feather plot showing the direction of theta. Since feather uses Cartesian coordinates, convert theta and r to Cartesian coordinates using pol2cart.

[u,v] = pol2cart(theta,r);

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Introduced before R2006a