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Large MAT-Files

Access and change variables without loading into memory

Use the matfile function to access MATLAB® variables directly from MAT-files on disk, without loading the full variables into memory. When you create a new file using matfile, the function creates a Version 7.3 MAT-file that also lets you save variables larger than 2 GB.


matfileAccess and change variables in MAT-file without loading file into memory


Save and Load Workspace Variables

Save some or all variables in the current workspace and reload the variables later during the current MATLAB session, or during another session.

Save and Load Parts of Variables in MAT-Files

Save and load parts of variables directly in MAT-files without loading them into memory using the matfile function.

MAT-File Versions

There are several versions of MAT-files that each support an increasing set of features, starting with MAT-file Version 4.


Growing Arrays Using matfile Function

When writing a large number of large values to a MAT-file, the size of the file increases in a nonincremental way, which is expected.