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Graphics Object Programming

Comparing, testing for validity, preallocating, and working with object arrays


gobjectsInitialize array for graphics objects
isgraphicsTrue for valid graphics object handles
isemptyDetermine whether array is empty
isequalDetermine array equality
isaDetermine if input has specified data type
clfClear figure
claClear axes
closeClose one or more figures


Graphics Object Handles

Use the object handle to set and query the values of the object properties.

Handles in Logical Expressions

Handle objects do not evaluate to logical true or false. You must use the function that tests for the state of interest and returns a logical value.

Graphics Arrays

Graphics arrays can contain the handles of any graphics objects.

Test for Valid Handle

Use isgraphics to determine if a variable is a valid graphics object handle.

Preallocate Arrays of Graphics Objects

Use the gobjects function to preallocate arrays for graphics objects.