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mxArray (C)

C type for MATLAB array


The fundamental type underlying MATLAB® data. mxArray is a C language opaque type. The header file containing this type is:

#include "matrix.h"

For information on how mxArray works with MATLAB-supported variables, see MATLAB Data.

All C MEX files start with a gateway routine, called mexFunction, which requires mxArray for both input and output parameters. For information about the C MEX file gateway routine, see Components of C MEX File.

Once you have MATLAB data in your MEX file, use functions in the C Matrix API to manipulate the data and functions in the C MEX API to perform operations in the MATLAB environment. Use mxArray to pass data to and from these functions.


See these examples in matlabroot/extern/examples/mx:


  • In Simulink® S-functions, do not store plhs mxArray pointers in any S-function block state that persists after the MEX function finishes. An output mxArray has temporary scope and is automatically destroyed at the end of the MEX function call.


  • For information about data in MATLAB language scripts and functions, see Data Types.

  • For troubleshooting mxArray errors in other MathWorks products, search the documentation for that product.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a