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Data Extraction

Extract numerical data including coefficients and uncertainties, subreferencing, concatenating, and merging models


polydataAccess polynomial coefficients and uncertainties of identified model
ssdataAccess state-space model data
idssdataState-space data for identified system
tfdataAccess transfer function data
zpkdataAccess zero-pole-gain data
frdataAccess data for frequency response data (FRD) object
freqrespEvaluate system response over a grid of frequencies
getpvecObtain model parameters and associated uncertainty data
setpvecModify values of model parameters
getcovParameter covariance of identified model
setcovSet parameter covariance data in identified model
getAccess model property values
setSet or modify model properties
nparamsNumber of identified model parameters
ndimsQuery number of dimensions of dynamic system model or model array
orderQuery model order
polePoles of dynamic system
zeroZeros and gain of SISO dynamic system
sizeQuery output/input/array dimensions of input–output model and number of frequencies of FRD model
dampNatural frequency and damping ratio
dcgainLow-frequency (DC) gain of LTI system
bandwidthFrequency response bandwidth