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(To be removed) Version, server, and status information

Support for the OPC Data Access (DA) standard will be removed in a future release. Instead use OPC Unified Architecture (UA). See Compatibility Considerations.


Out = opcserverinfo
Out = opcserverinfo('Host')
Out = opcserverinfo(DAObj)


Out = opcserverinfo returns a structure that contains information about installed OPC components, including product version numbers.

Out = opcserverinfo('Host') returns a structure that contains OPC server information associated with the host name or IP address specified by Host. The information includes the ServerID you can use to create a client associated with that server, and other information about each server.

Out = opcserverinfo(DAObj) returns a structure that contains information about the server associated with the opcda object DAObj. DAObj must be a scalar, and must be connected to the server. The information includes the current server status and time information related to the server.


Retrieve information about servers installed on the local machine:


Retrieve information about the Matrikon™ Simulation Server installed on the local host:

da = opcda('localhost', 'Matrikon.OPC.Simulation');
matrikonInfo = opcserverinfo(da)

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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