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Generate YAML for complete UVMF test bench using template engine

Since R2024a

    Add-On Required: This feature requires the ASIC Testbench for HDL Verifier add-on.



    generateYAMLforUVMFTestBench(uvmfObject) generates the YAML for the complete universal verification methodology framework (UVMF) test bench using the template engine.


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    This example shows how to create a uvmfTestBenchConfiguration object and integrate two svdpiConfiguration objects for MATLAB® functions.

    Create uvmfTestBenchConfiguration object for the "default" UVMFTestBenchKind to use built-in UVMF test bench YAML template. Integrate svdpiConfiguration object of componentKind="uvmf-predictor" for a MATLAB function, mode_set_controller, and another svdpiConfiguration object of componentKind="uvmf-sequence" for a MATLAB function, mode_set_controller_test.

    pred = svdpiConfiguration("uvmf-predictor"); 
    pred.MATLABFunctionName = "mode_set_controller";
    seq = svdpiConfiguration("uvmf-sequence"); 
    seq.MATLABFunctionName = "mode_set_controller_test"; 
    uvmfObject = uvmfTestBenchConfiguration({pred, seq});

    Create uvmfTestBenchConfiguration object for the "custom" UVMFTestBenchKind to use custom UVMF test bench YAML template, "custom_uvmf_test_bench.svt". Integrate a single svdpiConfiguration object with componentKind="uvmf-sequence".

    seq = svdpiConfiguration("uvmf-sequence"); 
    seq.MATLABFunctionName = "chip_controller_test";
    uvmfTestBenchKind = "custom";
    uvmfObject = uvmfTestBenchConfiguration(uvmfTestBenchKind,{seq});

    Input Arguments

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    UVMF configuration object, specified as a uvmfTestBenchConfiguration object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a