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Set reference clock frequency of external LMX PLL

Since R2020b


configureLMXPLL(rfDataConverter,refClkFrequency) sets the frequency of the external LMX phase-locked loop (PLL) output clock to refClkFrequency. If the external PLL is already configured with the specified frequency, this function call does not update the frequency and throws a warning.

configureLMXPLL(rfDataConverter,refClkFrequency,'force') always updates the frequency.

Input Arguments

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RF data converter, specified as an soc.RFDataConverter object. Via Ethernet, this object connects the host computer to the RF data converter on the connected SoC device. Use the object functions and properties of this object to configure the RF data converter.

Reference clock frequency for external LMX PLL, specified as a positive scalar. Units are MHz.

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2020b