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Fixed Point Conversion Basics and Type Specification

Introduction to floating point to fixed point conversion, fixed-point runtime function support for HDL code generation


codegenGenerate HDL code from MATLAB code
coder.configCreate HDL Coder code generation configuration objects
coder.approximationCreate function replacement configuration object


coder.FixPtConfigFloating-point to fixed-point conversion configuration object


Automated Fixed-Point Conversion

Convert floating-point MATLAB® code to fixed-point code.

Specify Type Proposal Options

Specify Properties of Entry-Point Function Inputs

Specify input properties so that the code generator can determine the properties of all variables.

Data Type Issues in Generated Code

Highlight potential data type issues in report.

Functions Supported for HDL Code Generation

Built-in MATLAB and toolbox functions supported for HDL code generation.

Custom Plot Functions

Use a custom plotting function to visualize the differences between the floating-point and fixed-point results

Featured Examples