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List of sensor indices

Since R2020b



indices = sensorIndices(tracker) returns the SensorIndex values of the trackingSensorConfiguration objects contained in the SensorConfigurations property of the tracker.


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Define two trackingSensorConfiguration objects.

config1 = trackingSensorConfiguration(1);
config2 = trackingSensorConfiguration(2);

Create a PHD tracker with config1 and config2.

tracker = trackerPHD('SensorConfigurations',{config1;config2});

Obtain the sensor indices.

indices = sensorIndices(tracker)
indices = 1x2 uint32 row vector

   1   2

Input Arguments

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PHD tracker, specified as a trackerPHD object.

Output Arguments

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Indices of sensors, return as a row-vector of nonnegative integers.

Extended Capabilities

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Version History

Introduced in R2020b