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Single-Precision Design for Simulink Models

Convert double-precision systems in Simulink® to single precision

Because single precision numbers use 32 bits, they require less memory than double-precision numbers, while still offering many of the benefits of floating-point arithmetic. You can use the Single Precision Converter to automatically convert a system in a Simulink model from double precision to single precision.

The Single Precision Converter makes these changes:

  • Conversion of user-specified double-precision data types to single-precision data types (applies to block settings, Stateflow® chart settings, signal objects, and bus objects).

  • Output signals and intermediate settings using inherited data types which compile to double precision change to single-precision data types.

The converter does not change Boolean, built-in integer, or user-specified fixed-point data types. When the conversion is finished, the converter displays a table summarizing the compiled and proposed data types of the objects in the system under design.

To learn more about the tool, see Getting Started with Single Precision Converter.


Single Precision ConverterConvert double-precision system to single precision


convertToSingleConvert a double-precision system to single precision