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Fixed-Point Designer

Design, simulate, and analyze fixed-point systems

Fixed-Point Designer™ provides data types and tools for developing fixed-point and single-precision algorithms to optimize performance on embedded hardware. Fixed-Point Designer analyzes your design and proposes data types and attributes such as word length and scaling. You can specify detailed data attributes such as rounding mode and overflow action, and mix single-precision and fixed-point data. You can perform bit-true simulations to observe the impact of limited range and precision without implementing the design on hardware.

Fixed-Point Designer lets you convert double-precision algorithms to single precision or fixed point. You can create and optimize data types that meet numerical accuracy requirements and target hardware constraints. You can determine the range requirements of your design via mathematical analysis or instrumented simulation. Fixed-Point Designer provides apps and tools that guide you through the data conversion process and enable you to compare fixed-point results with floating-point baselines.

Fixed-Point Designer supports C, HDL, and PLC code generation.

Getting Started

Learn the basics of Fixed-Point Designer

Fixed-Point Basics

Learn about fixed-point number representation, scaling, range, precision, and arithmetic operations

Fixed-Point Design for MATLAB Code

Design and simulate fixed-point systems using MATLAB®

Fixed-Point Design for Simulink Models

Design and simulate fixed-point systems using Simulink®

Single-Precision Design for MATLAB Code

Convert double-precision MATLAB code to single-precision MATLAB code

Single-Precision Design for Simulink

Convert double-precision systems in Simulink to single precision