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Simulink Fault Analyzer

Model faults and analyze effects

Simulink® Fault Analyzer™ enables systematic fault effect and safety analysis using simulation.

Simulink Fault Analyzer performs fault injection simulations without modifying your design. Faults can be timed or triggered by system conditions. You can manage faults that are modeled in Simulink, Simscape™, and System Composer™. Fault effects can be analyzed with Simulation Data Inspector. You can conduct fault sensitivity analyses using the Multiple Simulations panel. You can perform safety analyses, such as Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), while leveraging simulation.

Simulink Fault Analyzer lets you create formal connections between faults, hazards, fault detection and mitigation logic, and other artifacts (with Requirements Toolbox™).

Get Started

Learn the basics of Simulink Fault Analyzer

Fault Modeling

Define faults and their behaviors in Simulink models

Fault Simulation

Simulate faults in models to analyze model responses

Link Artifacts

Link Simulink Fault Analyzer artifacts with Requirements Toolbox

Safety Analysis

Perform systematic safety analysis by leveraging design and simulation artifacts

Reporting Management

Extract data and generate reports from fault modeling