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Intel SoC Devices

Generate code for the ARM® Cortex®-A cores on Intel® SoC FPGA Devices

Embedded Coder® Support Package for Intel SoC Devices supports C code generation for the ARM portion of the Intel SoC FPGA. When used in combination with the HDL Coder™ Support Package for Intel FPGA and SoC Devices, this solution can program the Intel SoC FPGA using C and HDL code generation. The hardware/software codesign workflow spans simulation, prototyping, verification, and implementation.


  • Setup and Configuration
    Install hardware support, update firmware, configure hardware connection
  • Modeling
    Prepare model for deployment to hardware, add blocks to support hardware
  • Deployment
    Build the model that loads and runs an executable on the target hardware
  • Performance
    Improve simulation speed, increase accuracy, reduce data loss
  • Device Driver Blocks
    Create a device driver block to access specific features of your hardware board