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Layer-by-layer network initialization function


net = initlay(net)
info = initlay('code')


initlay is a network initialization function that initializes each layer i according to its own initialization function net.layers{i}.initFcn.

net = initlay(net) takes


Neural network

and returns the network with each layer updated.

info = initlay('code') returns useful information for each supported code character vector:


Names of initialization parameters


Default initialization parameters

initlay does not have any initialization parameters.

Network Use

You can create a standard network that uses initlay by calling feedforwardnet, cascadeforwardnet, and many other network functions.

To prepare a custom network to be initialized with initlay,

  1. Set net.initFcn to 'initlay'. This sets net.initParam to the empty matrix [], because initlay has no initialization parameters.

  2. Set each net.layers{i}.initFcn to a layer initialization function. (Examples of such functions are initwb and initnw.)

To initialize the network, call init.


The weights and biases of each layer i are initialized according to net.layers{i}.initFcn.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a