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Retrieve Money.Net option symbols



o = optionchain(c,s) returns the option symbols using the Money.Net connection c and symbol s.


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Create Money.Net connection c using a user name and password.

username = '';
pwd = '999999';

c = moneynet(username,pwd);

Retrieve option symbols o for the symbol IBM®.

s = 'IBM';

o = optionchain(c,s);

o is a cell array of character vectors. Each character vector is an option symbol.

Display the first three option symbols.

ans =

  3×1 cell array

    'O:IBM\16Q13\130 .0'
    'O:IBM\16E27\148 .0'
    'O:IBM\16Q20\138 .0'

Retrieve current data for the first option symbol o(1) and display it. Specify fields f for describing the option symbol:

  • Option symbol description

  • Option symbol strike

  • Option symbol expiration date

symbol = o(1);
f = {'Description','Strike','Expiration'};

d = getdata(c,symbol,f)
d = 

           Symbol                   Description            Strike    Expiration
    ____________________    ___________________________    ______    __________

    'O:IBM\16F24\131 .0'    'IBM Call 06/24/2016 131.0'    131       06/24/16  

d is a table with one row of data. The data contains the option symbol name in the first column and a column for each specified field f.

To retrieve intraday data, use timeseries.

Close the Money.Net connection.


Input Arguments

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Money.Net connection, specified as a connection object created using moneynet.

Money.Net symbol, specified as a character vector, cell array of a character vector, or string scalar to denote one symbol.

Example: "IBM"

Data Types: char | cell | string

Output Arguments

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Option symbols, returned as a cell array of character vectors. Each character vector specifies one option symbol. The total number of option symbols depends on the symbol s.

Version History

Introduced in R2016b