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Testing Failures

After you have successfully compiled your application, the next step is to test it on a development machine and deploy it on a target machine. Typically the target machine does not have a MATLAB® installation and requires that the MATLAB Runtime be installed. A distribution includes all of the files that are required by your application to run, which include the executable, deployable archive and the MATLAB Runtime.

See Package C/C++ Applications for information on distribution contents for specific application types and platforms.

Test the application on the development machine by running the application against the MATLAB Runtime shipped with MATLAB Compiler SDK™. This will verify that library dependencies are correct, that the deployable archive can be extracted and that all MATLAB code, MEX—files and support files required by the application have been included in the archive. If you encounter errors testing your application, the questions in the column to the right may help you isolate the problem.

 Are you able to execute the application from MATLAB?

 Does the application begin execution and result in MATLAB or other errors?

 Do you have multiple MATLAB versions installed?

 If you are testing a shared library and driver application, did you install MATLAB Runtime?

 Do you receive an error message about a missing DLL?

 Are you receiving errors when trying to run the shared library application?

 Does your system’s graphics card support the graphics application?

 Is OpenGL properly installed on your system?