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Appropriate Tasks for MATLAB Compiler Products

MATLAB® Compiler™ generates standalone applications and Excel® add-ins. MATLAB Compiler SDK™ generates C/C++ shared libraries, deployable archives for use with MATLAB Production Server™, Java® packages, .NET assemblies, and COM components.

While MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Compiler SDK let you run your MATLAB application outside the MATLAB environment, it is not appropriate for all external tasks you may want to perform. Some tasks require other products or MATLAB external interfaces. Use the following table to determine if MATLAB Compiler or MATLAB Compiler SDK is appropriate to your needs.

TaskMATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Compiler SDK MATLAB Coder™ Simulink® HDL Coder™ MATLAB External Interfaces
Package MATLAB applications for deployment to users who do not have MATLAB    
Package MATLAB applications for deployment to MATLAB Production Server    
Build non-MATLAB applications that include MATLAB functions    
Generate readable and portable C/C++ code from MATLAB code    
Generate MEX functions from MATLAB code for code verification and acceleration.    
Integrate MATLAB code into Simulink    
Generate hardware description language (HDL) from MATLAB code    
Integrate custom C code into MATLAB with MEX files    
Call MATLAB from C and Fortran programs    
TaskMATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Compiler SDK MATLAB Coder Simulink HDL Coder MATLAB External Interfaces


Components generated by MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Compiler SDK cannot be used in the MATLAB environment.

For information on MATLAB Coder, see MATLAB Coder.

For information on Simulink, see Simulink.

For information on HDL Coder, see HDL Coder.

For information on MATLAB external interfaces, see Calling MATLAB from Other Languages (MATLAB).