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RTL-SDR radio information

Add-On Required: This feature requires the Communications Toolbox Support Package for RTL-SDR Radio add-on.


hardwareInfo = sdrinfo returns a cell array of structures containing information about the RTL-SDR radios that are connected to the host computer. If the function does not find any RTL-SDR radios, the output is an empty array.


hardwareInfo = sdrinfo(devAddress) returns information about the RTL-SDR radio with the specified device address. The structure of information is specific to the type of attached radio. If you do not specify a device address, the function attempts to find all connected RTL-SDR radios. If the function finds an incompatible radio at the specified address, the function returns a warning.


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Use the sdrinfo function to report information about the RTL-SDR radio connected at radio address '0'.

hwinfo = sdrinfo('0')
hwinfo = 
                RadioName: 'NESDR'
             RadioAddress: '0'
              RadioIsOpen: 0
                TunerName: 'E4000'
             Manufacturer: 'NooElec'
                  Product: 'NESDR SMArTee X'
               GainValues: [14×1 double]
      RTLCrystalFrequency: 28800000
    TunerCrystalFrequency: 28800000
             SamplingMode: 'Quadrature'
             OffsetTuning: 'Disabled'

Input Arguments

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Device address of the USB-connected RTL-SDR radio, specified as a character vector or string scalar containing a nonnegative integer.

Example: '1' specifies USB address 1.

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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RTL-SDR radio information, returned as a structure containing these fields.

RadioNameDevice name
RadioAddressUSB address of the RTL-SDR radio
RadioIsOpenFlag for open devices
TunerNameTuner chip name
ManufacturerManufacturer name
ProductProduct name

Gain values (in dB) supported by the tuner chip. These values are displayed only when the comm.SDRRTLReceiver System object™ property EnableTunerAGC is set to 0 (false) or the RTL-SDR Receiver block parameter Tuner Gain source is set to Dialog or Property.

RTLCrystalFrequencyRTL chip crystal oscillator frequency (in Hz)
TunerCrystalFrequencyTuner chip crystal oscillator frequency (in Hz)

Sampling mode, returned as one of these options.

  • 'Quadrature'

  • 'Direct I'

  • 'Direct Q'


Offset tuning mode, returned as one of the options:

  • 'Disabled'

  • 'Enabled'


The sdrinfo function returns all valid radio settings as long as the comm.SDRRTLReceiver System object or RTL-SDR Receiver block is unlocked. If the comm.SDRRTLReceiver System object or RTL-SDR Receiver block is currently running, sdrinfo returns only the top three fields of the hardwareInfo output argument: RadioName, RadioAddress, and RadioIsOpen.

Version History

Introduced in R2014a

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