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Code Generation Time

Reduce code generation time

If code generation is taking too long, you have several options. You can choose settings that reduce code generation time. You can modularize your code into smaller segments for code generation. These strategies can enable shorter iterations between MATLAB® code development and code generation.

For more information about how to optimize your code for specific conditions, see Optimization Strategies.


coder.cevalCall external C/C++ function


Speed Up MEX Generation by Using JIT Compilation

Generate a MEX function that contains an abstract representation of the MATLAB code.

Speed Up Compilation by Generating Only Code

Generate C source code without building object code.

Disable Creation of the Code Generation Report

Do not create a code generation report if you want faster code generation.

Modularize MATLAB Code

Streamline code generation by modularizing your MATLAB code.

Use coder.const with Extrinsic Function Calls

Reduce code generation time for constant-folding. Force constant-folding.


JIT MEX Incompatibility Warning

Troubleshoot JIT MEX Incompatibilities.

JIT Compilation Does Not Support OpenMP

Troubleshoot JIT MEX incompatibility with OpenMP.