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Visualize static characteristic of dynamic range controller


outputLevel = visualize(___)



visualize(dynamicRangeController) plots the static characteristic of the dynamic range control object. The plot is updated automatically when properties of the object change.


visualize(dynamicRangeController,inputRange) enables you to specify the input range.


outputLevel = visualize(___) returns the dB output level corresponding to the input range. You can use any of the input arguments from previous syntaxes.


This syntax is only available for the compressor, limiter, and expander System objects. It is not available for the noiseGate System object™.


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Create an object of the compressor System object™, and then plot the static characteristic.

dynamicRangeCompressor = compressor;

The static characteristic plot updates automatically if you modify a property of the object.

dynamicRangeCompressor.Threshold = -30;

Create an object of the expander System object™. Plot the static characteristic over the range -15 to -5, in 0.001 dB increments.

dynamicRangeExpander = expander;

Create an object of the limiter System object™. Get the output level of the static characteristic over a specified range.

dynamicRangeLimiter = limiter;
inputLevel = -15:1:-5
outputLevel = visualize(dynamicRangeLimiter,inputLevel)

Input Arguments

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Dynamic range control object, specified as an object of compressor , expander , limiter or noiseGate.

Range over which to calculate the output of the static characteristic.

The default input range depends on the dynamic range control object:

  • compressor –– [-50:0.01:0] dB

  • limiter –– [-50:0.01:0] dB

  • expander –– [-50:0.01:0] dB

  • noiseGate –– [0:0.001:1] linear

Output Arguments

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Output level in dB, returned as a vector the same size as inputRange.

This output is only available for the compressor, limiter, and expander System objects. It is not available for the noiseGate System object.

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Introduced in R2016a