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SCS carrier configuration parameters for 5G waveform generation


The nrSCSCarrierConfig object sets subcarrier spacing (SCS) carrier configuration parameters for a specific OFDM numerology. Use this object to set the SCSCarriers property of the nrDLCarrierConfig object when configuring 5G downlink waveform generation.

This object defines the carrier SCS, bandwidth, and offset parameters from point A, which is the center of subcarrier 0 in the common resource block 0 (CRB 0). By default, this object specifies a 10 MHz carrier corresponding to 52 resource blocks (RBs) and 15 kHz SCS.



carrier = nrSCSCarrierConfig creates a default SCS carrier configuration object for 5G waveform generation.


carrier = nrSCSCarrierConfig(Name,Value) sets properties using one or more name-value pair arguments. Enclose each property name in quotes. For example, 'SubcarrierSpacing',30,'NSizeGrid',273 specifies a 100 MHz carrier corresponding to 273 resource blocks (RBs) and 30 kHz SCS.


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Subcarrier spacing in kHz, for all channels and reference signals of the carrier, specified as 15, 30, 60, 120, or 240.

Data Types: double

Number of RBs in the carrier resource grid, specified as an integer from 1 to 275. The default value of 52 corresponds to the maximum number of RBs of a 10 MHz carrier with 15 kHz SCS.

Data Types: double

Start of carrier resource grid relative to CRB 0, specified as an integer from 0 to 2199. This property is the higher-layer parameter offsetToCarrier.

Data Types: double


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Create a default SCS carrier configuration object, which configures a 10 MHz carrier with 15 kHz SCS.

scs1 = nrSCSCarrierConfig; 

Create an SCS carrier configuration object, which configures a 100 MHz carrier with 30 kHz SCS.

scs2 = nrSCSCarrierConfig('SubcarrierSpacing',30,'NSizeGrid',273);

Create a downlink carrier configuration object, specifying the two SCS carrier configurations.

cfgDL = nrDLCarrierConfig('SCSCarriers',{scs1,scs2});
Introduced in R2020b