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Uplink Physical Signals

5G NR demodulation and phase tracking reference signals (DM-RS and PT-RS) for PUSCH and sounding reference signal (SRS)

The base station uses the DM-RS and the SRS to aid channel estimation and to support measurements. For phase noise compensation, the base station uses the PUSCH PT-RS.


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nrPUSCHDMRSGenerate PUSCH DM-RS symbols (Since R2020a)
nrPUSCHDMRSIndicesGenerate PUSCH DM-RS indices (Since R2020a)
nrPUSCHDMRSConfigPUSCH DM-RS configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrPUSCHPTRSGenerate PUSCH PT-RS symbols (Since R2020a)
nrPUSCHPTRSIndicesGenerate PUSCH PT-RS Indices (Since R2020a)
nrPUSCHPTRSConfigPUSCH PT-RS configuration parameters (Since R2020a)
nrSRSGenerate uplink SRS symbols (Since R2020a)
nrSRSIndicesGenerate uplink SRS resource element indices (Since R2020a)
nrSRSConfigSRS configuration parameters (Since R2020a)